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Saturday, March 02, 2002
PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Andrew Hofer: Blogs feast on the Big Apple; Tina Rosenberg and rational thought are mutually exclusive; 20 + 1 lesson from a night on the town with bloggers

Damian Penny: More on "dismissive doctors"; F1; the fundament of unholiness; highlighting the dfi' twixt Israelis & Palestinians

Dr. Frank: Lewinsky locution on Larry Live

Tim Blair: Where's Timmy, Lassie?

Duncan Fitzgerald: Floating a plan to steal more water fro NoCal - SoCal ought move to Mars, plenty of water there

Brian Knapp: Turned away from Guard duty, bummer; Chinese Christians in chains; Welcom Joshua

protein wisdom: protien wisdom is sick, and so is Jeff; The Magnificent Saved By The Bell Gang

Ginger Stampley: Must be holding back today

Charles Kuffner: Not so Off the Kuff - maybe he out with Ginger & crew

Gary Farber: No more revisionism - we late; Euro left can't protest and deny at the same time
Half a blog, half a blog,
Half a blog onward,
All in the valley of Blogs
Rode the six hundred.
'Forward, the Press Brigade!
Charge for the blogs!' he said:
Into the valley of Blogs
Rode the six hundred.

AM Edition
Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Joanne on Fox, Jesus Creeps, caustics, Howard Stern's girlfriend.

Joanne Jacobs: Recycled bloggage at Fox; "bi-nasty"; "Blog Talk."

Joshua Micah Marshall: Lobbyists laid PR laid PR groundwork for Croatian rampage.

Charles Johnson. Krauthammering; Saudi peace plan a tired horse.

Jeff Jarvis Repeat Letterman for old farts; Stern's girlfriend sells mags; show the video; the spreadsheet theory; shadow government questions.

Libertarian Samizdata Scottish caustics; the church and the internet; more on fox hunting--chaos theory in reverse; Brian's bits of wisdom; Natalija boosts the Sheriff; Beauty of Grey gets a blogful.

Steven Den Beste Great and not so great scams; no computer failures at these Olympics; Slashdot soon to feature nekkid wimmen; how many skeletons in Andersen's closet?; Christian game theory.

Kathy Kinsley Instapundit-scale rambles.

Fritz Schranck En route.

Kevin Holtsberry Defending "Jesus Creeps"; Kevin reviews blogs now [we love ya, man--QP, PW eds.]; soon to be a

SGT Stryker Sullivan, like "pinky"; Tali-cousins; Turkey remote; Jones spam; Stryker Light Armored Vehicle.

Andrew Olmsted Duquette's defense forgets collapse of Bosox farm system; Dems drop election reform--too much reform hitting too close to St. Louis; Fleischer retracts.

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May
I guess you say what can make me feel this way
Blog Watch
Blog Watch

PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Stephanie Dupont: Boxing Babes, and the rest of the cast, plus the other really screwed up people

Andrew Hofer: MTZ likened to an assault weapon; Successful campaigns funded by unseccessful companies

Damian Penny: Castro corrals Cuban criminals; inane Iraqi idea; Believe this; the Doc sends some mail

Dr. Frank: Anti-Semitism avoidance reprised - Europress is doing the Ostrich

Tim Blair: writer's block? [Update: Tim's not blocking - he's just visiting today]

Duncan Fitzgerald: Is image everything? Or is everything image? Well, here's the picks...

Brian Knapp: Daschle disconnected; Krugman deconstructed; intelligent intervention

protein wisdom: Clinton got heckled by a leftist? - now that's news!; delegitimizing dwarf tossin' is dumb; a useless Toole in the environmentalists kit

Ginger Stampley: Broken recording at Parkwest exchange; Slashdot subscription service; 'splainin' spammers

Charles Kuffner: The other Fox is at least entertaining; Monica should stay undercover; Harry & The House

Jack O'Toole: Guardianistas don't know the dif' between Borgoconda and Boone's Farm; Marshall shares Adragna's opinion of Fleischer

Gary Farber: Rounding-up Hussein; Israeli inanity; North Korean Tourism?; Easterbrook takes the easy road to failure; Between Iraq and a Hard Place
If I could save blogs in a bottle
the first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every blog like eternity, then
Again, I would watch them with you

Friday, March 01, 2002
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Blog diversity on display.

Joanne Jacobs: Andrea Yates round-up; smart Bush; resdistributing lecture fees?

Joshua Micah Marshall Lou Dobbs' comic bias; lurid smears on your dime?; Archived yesterday: Fleischer on the ropes; Harding and Fisher in the ring; explaining astroturf organizing.

Charles Johnson. Myth of sanctuary; Dubai Chief on to the Jews; self-loathing cynic; Sacks on terrorism; unsurprising, unserious Saudi speech; googling blogs; peace plan with missing part.

Libertarian Samizdata SFOR screw-up, was it the French?; Yoo Tae Jun, the anti-Fisk; Liberty Fund site, a libertarian playground, excites Brian.

Steven Den Beste Disgraceful Hollings proposal; another prediction that Microsoft is doomed; Operation Fortitude proved the value of lies.

Jeff Jarvis Get this bureaucrat off his ass; BP gets smart; bageled?

Kathy Kinsley Don't show the tape; Stephanie offends, but needs her own site; when is a religion not a religion?

Kevin Holtsberry Trashing Madden draws a crowd; Kevin's work product telecast, published; tough Dad; tribute to Jonah; sex, Stephanie, and Samizdata.

Fritz Schranck He reads the bills, even if legislators don't.

Andrew Olmsted Emerson dead on; Bosox need Billy Beane; seconding Charles Johnson on Saudi peace plan; late to the party; protect whistleblowers; dumb crook lawsuit; should have read Quasipundit; air the footage.

SGT Stryker Car buying nightmare ends happily with a Jeep.

How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm After They've Seen Blog Watch?

PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Stephanie Dupont: The Director... The Date

Andrew Hofer: The West Wing of Wonderland; Breaking Into Accounts; spending & saving the tax cuts over and over

Damian Penny: Gettin' caught in a Cajun Crossfire; the drunk philosopher; no smokers in Canadian hospitals

Dr. Frank: Best Grammy night entertainment - bearded man in labor; Sheriff Jima says it wasn't a Turky shoot

Moira Breen: Yammering on Yates; the Bleat Beat

Tim Blair: Sociopathicaly snobby cricket writers; the only roadsignage need in Australia: how many till the next station; anti-New World Order types spew an old message

Duncan Fitzgerald: Good news for the Local News

Alex Knapp: Thing must be really bad in Cuba - Mexico is even looking good; Jospin on the collective; Ms. Hughes proves an exceptional rule

Brian Knapp: Who gets traction on the budget debate? - depends on who folds; to pledge or not - oughta be a personal choice; more evidence for following the UN's lead

protein wisdom: Fining equality in the marketplace; admonishing the legislature to not shirk it's constitutional duty

Ginger Stampley: Deporting questionables in questionable deportations; the car CAFE; unintellectual intellectual property argument

Charles Kuffner: Democrats for the GOP; is Islamic Studies Class any worse than Bob Jones University?; lading Stephanie

Gary Farber: This ain't no Sunday school
"The Purple Blogger opened his mouth and moved his tongue and so blogged to them
and he said.
The Earth blogs and the Heavens blog...

Thursday, February 28, 2002
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: The blog name game.

Joanne Jacobs: Steyn's angry, Fisk's nuts; try "Tablog"; Jay Leno, ill-mannered and ugly; American rubes; Parker's analogy;

Joshua Micah Marshall Islam=submission; more astroturf skullduggery; clever GOP? Ha!; Bernard Lewis on the history of Islam.

Charles Johnson. Emerson, a Paul Revere on terrorism; the Daily Wanker skewered by Lileks; a view into the mindset of Arab journalism.

Libertarian Samizdata Karadzic surrounded--don't take him alive; everything liberal; Stephanie gets no respect; cold euro-fascism.

Steven Den Beste Muslim world poll--he doesn't care!; failing v. not succeeding in intelligence work; French abridge free speech; preposterous Saudi proposals.

Dawson Where's he off to?

Jeff Jarvis Early spam gets one point; deadly smokes for Iraq; Washington Post follows terror tourists; two views on Gitmo prisoners.

Kathy Kinsley Don't show the tape; Stephanie offends, but needs her own site; when is a religion not a religion?

Kevin Holtsberry Leave school districts alone, in silence; farewell, Sparky; letter from the last conservative at Bowling Green; response to Tony Adragna on Paul v. Jesus.

Fritz Schranck Prisoner lawsuits, support for Porter v. Nussle decison.

Andrew Olmsted Daniel Pearl Trust Fund; Hollings, one step from dementia [as previously suggested by QP--ed]; a vote for Polblog; a vote for space exploration; a vote for a hard look at Islam.

SGT Stryker Iran, running scared.

I Blog Watch for the poor and the beaten down,
Livin' in the hopeless, hungry side of town,
I do it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime,
But is there because he's a victim of the times.

I Blog Watch for those who never read,
Or listened to the words that Jesus said,
About the road to happiness through love and charity,
Why, you'd think He's talking straight to you and me.

PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Stephanie Dupont: Cowboys earned me $1000 - Samizdorks couldn't afford the other cheek!

Andrew Hofer: Congress on Coke - let's make some money!; the $60,000 question; let's have some meat, enough with the pablum

Damian Penny: Canadian Defense Minister needs not a disinformation office - he lies well enough on his own; Slobo Googlers made redundant by technology; Huzzahs for Zimbawean Justices

Dr. Frank: Music industry doesn't know music

Moira Breen: Government official deserve a Claudie; Inane Notorious Simps;

Tim Blair: Off ta da races!

Duncan Fitzgerald: Sorry Sorkin - Charlie Sheen isn't da President

Alex Knapp: Her Majesty's Loyal subjects have but the right to be victims; Slave traders still hawk their wares

Brian Knapp: Afghans don't know from "brutal winter' - try Kansas; more Insta than the InstaPundit; Russel Crowe redeemed

protein wisdom: Read this; knock off da Polic knockoffs - I want real Despot-Duds;

Ginger Stampley: Father opines child shouldn't hafta follow rules; stealing Intellectual property is bad - preventing its theft is a forlorn hope

Charles Kuffner: Judging Amy - the jury doesn't understand the case as presented; Skilling "lies like a cheap rug"

Jack O'Toole: GOP Stimulus Plan: Cut Spend; Simon leads the Field

Gary Farber: In the land of aging Persian carpet merchants Iranian TV is free - now if we can just get it to work that way in Iran
My long two-pointed ladder's sticking through a tree
Toward heaven still,
And there's a barrel that I didn't fill
Beside it, and there may be two or three
I didn't pick upon some bough.
But I am done with blog-picking now

Wednesday, February 27, 2002
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Philosophy Test, DNA of the Blogosphere; Texas No-Test; Samizdata Pin-Ups; the Deep Meaning of Blogging.

Joanne Jacobs: Tim and Harriet; alpha girls; Texas babysitters have a leg up on grad school; doing something for Afghanistan besides paying big bucks for a NYT ad.

Joshua Micah Marshall Where to find Between the Woods and the Water; more Argynos dirty laundry; Gallant's DeLay ties and astroturf organizing.

Charles Johnson. Instapundit sneak attack; madrass curriculum in US; ICTM.

Libertarian Samizdata Beautiful, accomplished women belie kinky Stephanie DuPont's cheap shot; anti-gun fanatics are fools; Rumsfeld's Curriculum Vitae; a lovely capitalist chick hit bringer; Mariane Pearl's stirring words; Natalija's test results.

Steven Den Beste French abridge free speech; preposterous peace proposal; how about some perjury charges?; historic footprints tell a story; HIV vaccine issues; Valenti misses broadband porn proof.

Dawson He's back, saluting the "Man in Black." Walk the line, Dawson.

Jeff Jarvis Washington Post follows terror tourists; two views on Gitmo prisoners.

Kathy Kinsley Polblog suggested; Blogspot tips to save system.

Kevin Holtsberry Pondering the lure and meaning of blogs; education reform; Augustine and Aquinas kind of guy; will Madden bolt?

Fritz Schranck Satellite tracking and managing traffic congestion.

Andrew Olmsted Megan on Florida fun; Postrel on Texas no-tests; quibble with Sullivan on blogging's meaning.

When the one great scorer comes to write
against your name--
He marks--not that you won or lost, but how you Blog Watched.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Philosophical testing. ****Pick: Fritz Schranck, Louisiana Rape Case. ***Picks: Steven Den Beste, Horses, Voyeur Dorm, and Military Shortages.

Joanne Jacobs: The Blog phenomena name game; real Dads, not Mom's boyfriend; hideous brown background.

Joshua Micah Marshall Posting drought continues, Paal in trouble.

Charles Johnson. Brigadier goes nuclear.

Libertarian Samizdata Bearing arms in Britain like copping a feel; Philosophy Selector goes existential on Perry; drugs and guns destroy Mary Poppins; Instapundit now a sloganeer; Natalija loves Welch's ass-kicking Slobo-Google.

Steven Den Beste ***Horse histroy, they should shoot horses, shouldn't they?; Hubble rocks; ***Voyeur Dorm has constitutional protection; ***why military shortages.

Dawson Is this site available?

Jeff Jarvis Smoking gun letters; Blogger sophisticates meet, no Samizdata-like debauchery.

Kathy Kinsley Her bellicosity a function of being denied her rights; Knapp's good point.

Kevin Holtsberry Paul v. Jesus, now that Olympics are over; Didion wins, Blog proliferation a response; Blog Watch III issues; startling live report from Ohio Capitol on Thursday; Trafficant guilty?

Fritz Schranck He's an Aquinas, she's a Hume; ****research on Louisiana rape case illuminates what Den Beste simplified.

Andrew Olmsted A caveat for Sullivan; GOP social engineering; stock options and an Adragna point; a case against the death penalty.

SGT Stryker The "Phraselator," a universal translator; Kristof's Phillipine reporting questioned; a terrible cluster f*** at Ft. Bragg.

Sweet blogging guy,
Fact checking sweet kind of lies
Don't you link to him, if you do, he'll make you cry
He'll Blog Watch you today, then paint the net with another Blog
He's a sweet blogging guy
But he's not very shy

Sweeter than sugar. (ewwww ewwww)
Kisses like wine (oh, he's so fine)
Don't let him under your skin
Cuz you'll never win (no, you'll never win)

Don't let him Blog Watch today
Tomorrow he's on his way

He's a sweet blogging, sweet blogging , sweet blogging, sweet blogging, sweet blogging, sweet blogging guy
Stay away from him
Stay away from him
Know you'll never win
Know you'll never win

Monday, February 25, 2002
PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Stephanie Dupont: Brian's a cruel task master - and who's that wierdo in Maryland?

Andrew Hofer: Let's be Accurate about Academia

Damian Penny: Slobo googling defended; Slobo googling redeemed + more slobo googling; Havana comes to Harvard; Canadians are wussy hosers

Dr. Frank: Sorry Leftist Apologists

Moira Breen: Trash comes in all flavours, but you gotta know it's trash or you can't send it back

Tim Blair: Something about using a match to test a cricket - they spent three whole days doin' it [btw, Tim, the Germans won, but don't tell the Russians - Tony]; what Lerner learned, Neville never will; satirizing Sister Maureen

Alex Knapp: The politics of climate in the climate of politics; Ann Coulter exposed; we'll fix those Eurocrats - let's withdraw our troops from Europe

Brian Knapp: Big guys preference at the Arnold

protein wisdom: Rebutting the refutation of The Anti-War Left Doctrine; who cares 'bout Ashcroft's breast blanketing - just don't take my Monkey

Daniel Taylor Is it good legislation? When was the last time a legislator took the time to find out?

Ginger Stampley: Still eating chicken soup

Charles Kuffner: Don't read the "Society" page - it's more than you need to know; Off the Kuff readers lookin' for off the clothes

Jack O'Toole: Spelled Abbi - pronounced Abeee; Sorkin sounds off

Gary Farber: Bernard Lewis - teen idol?; doing better than Beste on "Black Studies" question; Adam can use some Currying
Men of Blogdom, march to glory,
Victory is hov'ring o'er ye,
Bright-eyed freedom blogs before ye,
Hear ye not her call?
At your sloth she seems to wonder;
Rend the sluggish blogs asunder,
Let the blog -er's deaf'ning thunder
Every foe appal.

AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Embers from the Samizdata party.

Joanne Jacobs: Test scores rise in Baltimore, so quit what works; Luci loved, may justice be done; Raimondo response leads to correction.

Joshua Micah Marshall Marvelous book, out of print; Pay Pal activated.

Charles Johnson. Penny, McCardle, Johnson nexus; email, toilet blockage; Saudis worry.

Libertarian Samizdata Russian law rocks; mouthwash email, new world pleasure order; full extent of psychological damage caused by Blogger Bash only now becoming apparent; new converts tricked into believing it's "libertine-ism"; Linse treachery complete; no comment from Natalija on the debauchery.

Steven Den Beste "Loosiana" reasonable doubt; a waste of life at Ft. Bragg; label on Gitmo mail causes problems; Strategic Defense Music Initiative (SDMI).

Jeff Jarvis Now, a comic blog; nya-nya to Sullivan; "Backasswards," his Dad would say; Tony Blair and the US; her conversion, his conversion, one quibble; why he's not a Presbyterian anymore.

Kathy Kinsley Canadians did good, eh?; "religious" exception; mini-Blogwatch; Blog Watch II, AM edition receives stern rebuke.

Kevin Holtsberry Ass-kicked, X-Files withdrawal Sunday elevated by George Santayana.

Fritz Schranck "Claude" ratings introduced and explained.

Outlined against a blue-gray October, the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore they were known as Famine, Pestilence, Destruction, and Death. Their real names are Blair, Adragna, Vehrs, and Holtsberry.
Sunday, February 24, 2002
PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Brian Linse: Stephanie takes liberties with the "Samizdorks"

Andrew Hofer: Critiqueing the critics of Axis of Evil; Talkin' 'bout Bad Girls, talkin' 'bout bad, bad girls

Damian Penny: I refuse to cover Damian's blog tonight - I just know that he's making some kinda big deal over the fact that the HOSERS won their first Olympic hockey gold in 50 years! Ignorant, beer swilling, puck heads!

Dr. Frank: Andrew Sullivan's evolution from vanity to bellicosity

Moira Breen: Dishonourable Deaths

Tim Blair: Not just an oppressor, now I'm a Terrorist; tautological Telegrapher; reviewing the book reviews; Clintonism is Carterish

Duncan Fitzgerald: All for more sports coverage

Alex Knapp: Bin Laden lives, but we're working on it; Sino censorship truly inane; THC - Toyota Hydro-powered Car; Organizing

Brian Knapp: Here's Wlefare Reform - Get Mugabe off The Dole; not all papers are left-leaning; what the DPRK's reply really said

protein wisdom: The Myth of Ecotopia; post post-modernism -- Pragmatic Politics; We Hate the EU, and not afraid to say it on the net

Daniel Taylor Paki perversion of justice for Jews

Ginger Stampley: Not holding back - really sick!

Charles Kuffner: Slobo googling; pro-American subversives at NITV; pitching rocks at a new movie

Jack O'Toole: Politcal Professional News returns on Monday

Gary Farber: The wars ain't over quite yet, Frank Rich; Chris Patten still doesn't get it; interesting ISS funding concept; commentary on comics; Rawnsley refutes his own arguement that Bush is an idiot; not too early for consideration of Iraq, but much too ealry to ask "when"
Hey, Teacher, leave those blogs alone!
All in all it's just another blog in the wall.

AM Edition
Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Samizdata party, kill the killers, Jimmy Carter.

Joanne Jacobs: Do-it-yourself victimization; portly Portnick punished; the grammatically challenged include gubernatorial candidate; correct PC; joining the Slobo-google challenge.

Joshua Micah Marshall: WP picks up Marshall story on Judge Bates.

Charles Johnson. Degreed Gitmo prisoners; Saudi "bigs" don't mention Friedman plan; killer cup; Quick insult; new bloggers inducted, face brutal initiation ritual; Arafat's strategy: war of attrition; Dr. Frank's must read.

Jeff Jarvis Attention, terrorist bomber shopper: bang!; message for gun-totin' Instapundit; dialect additions, vote for "He" decade.

Libertarian Samizdata Drunken revelers exposed as Stockholm Syndrome sets in with Linse, or vice versa; original party girl Natalija left to man ramparts with memo to Pearl's killers.

Steven Den Beste French judge changes story--again; .eu heated debate; big pouty lips as marketing tool; Israeli government will likely fall, no advantage for Palestinians; wassup with Black Studies and scholarship?

Kathy Kinsley It's the Brits' fault; how she'd handle Pearl's murderer; supporter of constitution wants Bush to promote witchcraft.

Fritz Schranck Fritz's kite was more dangerous to Carter than killer rabbit; link to another splendid golf column.

Kevin Holtsberry Meyer quote; Blog Watch II at night; Wilkinson and Feser; he agrees with Lew Rockwell!; memo to President Carter: shut up!; hot for Sarah Hughes.

SGT Stryker Ghost soldiers on the rolls [do they vote, too?--ed].

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a Blog Watch.