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Saturday, March 23, 2002
PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Joshua Micah Marshall: Eyebrow raising on East Asia policy; Dual citizenship is incongruent with citizenship; Lieberman's money, or not; The Natural; the Starr of the CFR show

Andrew Hofer: Women setting themselves up to be debunked; The President is a character

Damian Penny: Zimbabwean irony; Silently waiting for genocide; Palestinian extremists don't want peace - whoda thunkit; Rhetoric v. Action - On Free Trade, it's the same old model

Dr. Frank: The Normalification of an ex-bohemian

Moira Breen: Drive-by-blogging, legendary urbanity, and the #1 Moira

Tim Blair: Michael Moore's phallic fallacy; worries at the SMH; Oscar - Madison, that is; tragic Love Story addendum

Duncan Fitzgerald: And speaking of... Atrocities against children

RonK, Seattle: Like rats leaving the Titanic; Andy's Kids
Of course he has a blog. We all have blogs. It's 1183 and we're bloggers.

-Queen Blogor

Thursday, March 21, 2002
Kathy Kinsley: Somebody who really oughta blog; is the Whitehouse out of its own loop?

Alex Knapp: Freedom threatens totalitarians; British ready to go nuclear

Liberty's Lungs: Joshua - not against immigration, but taxpayers shoiuldn't subsidize it; Brian - defending self-defense

protein wisdom: Study suggests infancy places babies at risk; fixin' Oscar; saying NO to the Yassman

Ginger Stampley: 10 gigs in i Pod; boys on Blogsisters; mail bouncing around in orbz

Charles Kuffner: Our Lady of the Dashboard; everybody looking at the same side of the wrong coin

Jack O'Toole: The scoop on Bias, straight from the author; the Bard of Yorba Linda

Gary Farber: Defending a jerk, but my knee ain't movin'; Six months later, the really hurtin' starts
Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the blogs;
They are blogging out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
They have loosed the fateful lightning of their terrible swift blogs;
Their blogs are marching on.

Friday, March 15, 2002
PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Joshua Micah Marshall: How to get ahead as crony-in-chief; apalling Paal; not so shiney new President

Andrew Hofer: The growth of government measured in spending; Dispatches from Europe

Damian Penny: Support for Eire gone a parade too far; Newfoundland, Newfoundland all around, but not a Newfie to be found; Fisk is still reeling; David Irving's a blood sucking freak

Dr. Frank: Shatner's gone where no star ship captain has gone before; stay tuned for news on the Berkeley BlogRally

Moira Breen: Disecting Dahlia - still don't know what she said

Tim Blair: Ken Layne sings; readers on Moore - Barb S. sick of Stupid; an Australian opinion

Duncan Fitzgerald: Apples are PC; X = n$; Miss Cleo is from the captiol of entertainment

Kathy Kinsley: AM Blog Watch has moved, but not gone away; Walk away, but hit back first
Slow down, you blog too fast You've got to make the blogging last
Just bloggin' down the cobble stones
Looking for blogs and feelin' groovy!
(La,la,la,la,la,la, feelin' groovy)

Wednesday, March 13, 2002
Alex Knapp: DoJ reviews raves while blogdom rants about terrorism; WSJ says we ain't all that "unilateral"; making the case against Iraq; what to do with an insane Texan; Tony agrees with WSJ

protein wisdom: PC hits puberty - boys hit back; they've lost their minds over the Yates case; designer genes

Ginger Stampley: Scarry poll results - Americans apparently don't care about civil liberties; Tony gave Dan a good thrashing; don't fear The Reaper - hate him!

Charles Kuffner: Protest of Kuff's dissent from Dale's linkage to tax protest; Kuff on a losing streak; Winona on a winning streak

Jack O'Toole: Steel trap closing on Bush from right and left; cynical 'bout Washington Times story and its source

Gary Farber: The application of guideline to unreasonable assertions; Jews, who have known God longer, say that cloning isn't "playing God" - it's playing man; INS screw-up wasn't INS screw-up
Once I built a railroad, I made it run, made it race against time.
Once I built a railroad; now it's done. Blogger, can you spare a dime?
Once I built a tower, up to the sun, brick, and rivet, and lime;
Once I built a tower, now it's done. Blogger, can you spare a dime?

Tuesday, March 12, 2002
PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Andrew Hofer:The anti-climax, and how I got all wet capturing it

Damian Penny: McWorld - 6 Billions and decreasing; Monsieur Chretien est une cul insensitive; Michael Moore is a chunkybutt liar; guns & statistics

Dr. Frank: Two faced Eurocrats - openly denouncing: privately running scared

Moira Breen:Six month evaluation; Martin Prattle

Tim Blair:SMH newsroom overstaffed & underqualified; Michael Moore - sanctimonious swamp hog

Duncan Fitzgerald: Preacher places higher price on horses than babies; Woman kills husban with horse tranquilizers: what's she doin' with the horse?
Workin' at the blog watch
Workin' as a blog watcher

AM Edition - Special Announcement
The AM Edition of Blog Watch II will be on sabbatical until further notice. Many thanks to loyal readers. The excellent Tony Adragna PM Edition continues, Kevin Holtsberry continues his fine edition, and, of course, there's the original, and still the best--Tim Blair's Blog Watch I.

Gotta do what you can just to keep your blog alive
Trying not to confuse it with what you do to survive
In oh-two I was forty nine and called a Blog Watch my own
I don't know when that Blog Watch turned onto the blog I'm on

Running on--running on empty
Running on--running blind
Running on--running into the sun
But I'm running behind.

Monday, March 11, 2002
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: The anniversary. **** Pick: Jeff Jarvis, Six Months After

Joshua Micah Marshall Sifry's new book.

Charles Johnson. Radosh on Said; Welch goads Johnson on vile LAT articles; not taking credit; reply to Den Beste on Middle East.

Libertarian Samizdata Dutch "Fortuyn Factor"; Harold Pinter and The Tatler make ethnic cleansing chic; Solent trashes tariffs; another Blogger Bash; Dale left cold; royal cheesecake.

Steven Den Beste To a French apologist, something to think about; great immigrants in the neighborhood; French fail us in Anaconda.

Jeff Jarvis **** Six Months After.

Kathy Kinsley Short stuff.

Kevin Holtsberry Reaction to 9/11 TV special; awkward middle on evolution; Girl Scout cookies transform Kevin into Homer Simpson.

Fritz Schranck Feds show good faith on Klamath; 5 Claudes for necrotizing fasciitis headline.

Andrew Olmsted Site changes, more movie reviews coming.

SGT Stryker Blogspot metaphor.

You can't stop us on the road to freedom
You can't keep us 'cause our eyes can see
Blog Watchers with insight, Blog Watchers in granite
Knights in armor bent on chivalry.

PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Damian Penny: Booing Bill - no, not that Bill! Not even that Bill!; Let's Rall; Mugabean Madness; Correct Coren

Tim Blair: Texas teens trade trounces - Peace Day trumped

Duncan Fitzgerald: Have a Coke and a smile - it's commin' outta your check; WashTimes don't know California Sate

Liberty's Lungs: Brian - whacked out poetry 'splains Talib Dundee; Tossing the ban

protein wisdom: Languishing languages; No smoking 'round the kiddies - shoo kiddies!; Gramps gets her groove on; Barkley bites bait; Blogs Wars: The Making of Sen. Liberta Epu Blocrat

Ginger Stampley: When we talk 'bout religious nut, this is what we mean!; Steakhouses ain't just for Texas

Jack O'Toole: Boneheaded BBA; need to hear from the Prez
"It's just bloggage, that's all."

"You like that word, bloggage?"

"Yeah! It's a good word."

Sunday, March 10, 2002
AM Edition
Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Disgust with Rall. What's new: RonKSeattle debuts with Cogent Provocateur and Camp Enron.

Joshua Micah Marshall: Public Citizen--bombshell on White?; Mad about an op-ed "clunker."

Charles Johnson. Eric Boehlert, smart guy who's wrong; don't trust Egyptians and Saudis on peace; Hezbollah, admitted arms smugglers; an article for Rall, the bug, to read; Steyn's great essay; Gaddafi's son.

Jeff Jarvis Sermon for today is done, hear it at harmless church; Ridge's new alerts; return to Middletown, NJ article is for Rall.

Libertarian Samizdata US tariffs on steel will help British economy; Brian's Rachmaninoff.

Steven Den Beste Cataclysm's edge in Middle East; new form of digital music will fail; Catholic Church not above the law; nuclear plans--a deliberate leak.

Kathy Kinsley Muslimpundit on a roll; information theory; bellicose babes defy Kristof.

Fritz Schranck A motivational poster for Rall; joining Treacher in progress.

Kevin Holtsberry Hits auto show, plays hoop, drinks, carouses, and still knocks out Blog Watch.

SGT Stryker A writer's reflections [you're not alone -ed]; real Viet Nam syndrome; Stryker picked up by WSJ; Archduke Albert; Rall mocking.

Gena Lewis/Lee Ann Murawski UT library blocks blogspot; debate on Middle East relativism.

A Blog Watch here, a Blog Watch there, and pretty soon you're talking about real Blog Watching.

PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Dupont & Linse: Stephanie got a part by giving somethin'; Something happened to Brian's sense of humour - thinks Coulter is funny

Andrew Hofer: Quaking loose the slavery debate

Damian Penny: Independent Day; somebody oughta plant Salutin like a root, just be cause; a day of shame

Tim Blair: SMH tells a good story - screws up then ending; Teddy Transcript - O'Reilly gets it in one word!

Duncan Fitzgerald: Microsoft is exposed to Sun; taking the [HollyWood]Pulse of FNC; Slobo points finger at al Qaeda

Liberty's Lungs: Brian - truth about Abu Sayeff in their own words; Joshua - shame on George

protein wisdom: Fred Barnes asks, "What if..."; Rall Redux: The O'Reilly Factor

Ginger Stampley: Religion maeks money at the supermarket, then spends it in the statehouse; no H-1Bs on guv'ment contracts; not doin' 'nuff on the Homefront to support our boys

Charles Kuffner: More on frivilous morons; DeLay gets spanked in Houston; Skilling needs asbestos pants
Once more vnto the Breach,
Deare friends, once more;
Or close the Wall vp with our Bloggyr dead:
In Peace, there's nothing so becomes a man,
As modest stillnesse, and humilitie:
But when the blast of Warre blowes in our eares,
Then imitate the action of the Bloggyr...