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Saturday, February 23, 2002
PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Brian Linse: She Ain't No Bad Dude - let's all send her email!

Damian Penny: Saudis seek Peace; Cool Runnings gets no play at '02 Olympics; more Slobo googling; Hosers have had it with American arrogance

Moira Breen: Kenniwick Man update not forthcomming

Tim Blair: Bloggers invade media territory. Spokesman Ken Layne delivers terms...

Alex Knapp: Imprecise language of "money is speech" argument, but y'all know what we mean; Libertarians againt Marty Meehan; heretical ideas run in the family

Brian Knapp: Liberty fills her Lungs; don't defuse the situation" - defuse North Korea!; Union blues

Charles Kuffner: Axis of Left Leaning Bloggers enjoys Asylum Street Spankers; when did Muslims become "civilised people" - before or after the election?

Gary Farber: Al Gore has the runs, won't stop til he's blocked; Back and Forth on the Mideast - there, and there, and there...
We're bloggin
I wanna blog it with you,
We're bloggin, bloggin
And I hope you like blog too

Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Daniel Pearl tributes. ***Pick: Charles Johnson on Pearl. Exchange of the Week: Kinsley-Holtsberry. Most Disturbing Event of the Week: Linse siege at Samizdata HQ. Best Weekend Bet: Joanne Jacobs on Fox Weblogs.

Joanne Jacobs: I'll be the weekend fox; Pelosi's Bush movie reviewed by Weekly Standard; Ex-prez undercutting US foreign policy?; containing Islam and whiskey; Pearl's wife speaks the "e" word.

Joshua Micah Marshall: Early line on Cheney-GAO judge for all you scandal handicappers.

Charles Johnson. Painful Pearl details; Terry Andersen speaks; ***tribute to Pearl; trading cash for hostages ... now?!!!?; Robbins' Part V, supplementing Den Beste; Ken Layne picking up the mind control signals.

Jeff Jarvis Amen to Ken Layne on Pearl--he had guts; ridiculous to eliminate VIP lines.

Libertarian Samizdata Tax-cutting Natalija eyes EU liquor; Brian, chairing railway talk; word of the day during Linse stand-off: craic; much revelry expected this weekend.

Steven Den Beste Afghan satellite images now available; hate speech agreement; leftist sees things differently after 9/11; buffer zones no Maginot Line; hoax bids for scooters?; Robbins' series, a few quibbles; give everybody a gold medal; an imaginative idea for the Middle East; wish I'd been wrong on Pearl.

Dawson We miss you.

Kathy Kinsley Apology to Holtsberry, but not agreement; Unofficial, unapproved, unauthorized Blog Watch turns out to be pretty good; taxonomy; Latin for Pearl.

Fritz Schranck Feds follow states on tax credits for conservation.

Kevin Holtsberry Kathy Kinsley's class and patience; post that started dust-up; only porn gets big hit counts [at least Blog Watch read your Frank Meyer post--ed.].

SGT Stryker On leave, gets the word: heading west.

Andrew Olmsted Paying ransom? Repudiate this!; Jacobs' translation; what if Pearl had been a businessman?; Krugman, stick to issues, quit all the Bush-bashing; believing your foreign sources; purity is gone from the games.

Rich Hailey New drill press, new computer; best skater won gold; Terminatrix!; we need the "Jerry" in us for Pearl; ethics essay.

Adil Farooq Recap of Pearl tributes; Muslim News editors show true colors.

Robert Musil Lawyers in Japan; early Enron warning; big media and campaign finance reform.

John McGuinness Pro-choice forces not seeking common ground; "anti-cloning strawman bashing" from Glenn Reynolds; tainted Ohno gold.

Eric Olsen et. al. Ridiculous skating scandal, rooting for Sasha; "Cool Tunes" preview; refresher on 9/11 needed after Pearl's murder.

Gena Lewis/Lee Ann Murawski Gena recommends Monster's Ball and pushing artistic envelope on Southern caricatures; every press biased; Cheney's finger in pie; a dog speaks out; no Michael Stipe blather a blesssing.

It is true that Blog Watch is precious--so precious that it must be rationed.

PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Brian Linse: Off to the Land of Libertarians

Andrew Hofer: Colleges at the crack; O Sole Mao; Beautiful Mind outa equilibrium; Googling Slobo

Damian Penny: Penny scoops Sullivan & Welch; Hosers don't like being called hosers; Salutin salutin' Sandanistas; more Googling Slobo

Dr. Frank: ex-Socialist shares 9/11 memories - must read!

Moira Breen: An Olympic effort at noise making; Children of The State

Tim Blair: A funny preview of Wurtzel's future; U.S, media out of touch with reality; Maryland minors lucky they aren't miners; Chuck Jones dead at 90 - the cartoons won't be the same without him

Duncan Fitzgerald: Thar she blows!; advice for Judge Lamberth; headlines tempt phreaks; drivers don't kill people - cars kill people

Ginger Stampley: If your home is Argentina, don't come without a visa; Richman & Poorman are relatives; why I don't teach at a university; Daily Dose of Enron

Charles Kuffner: Nader at the nader; That's a no brainer - dog, of course!

Jack O'Toole: Moyers meanders ove the line; Read My Lips Part II

Gary Farber: Apple juice for the brain; a punishment for profiteers; want words of wisdom? - Say Anything!; Texas Death Row - no final cig after that last meal; Hobbit humpimg
What's up, Doc? What's bloggin'? What's up, Doc? What's bloggin'?

Friday, February 22, 2002
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Tim Blair, the incomparable founder of Blog Watch, will be today's Weblog columnist.

Joanne Jacobs: Happy Birthday, Allison; sorry, women of Afghanistan, no money from us, but read our ad in the NYT; Bush's plan works, educators don't like it; blog growth like "The Blob."

Joshua Micah Marshall Reed-Rove-Bush-Enron-Astroturf connection, an easy to follow scandal; "Pacific Whim," a must read in The New Republic.

Charles Johnson. Gold for LGF links, Instapundit protests; Benny Morris recants; Friedman-Saudi deal has historical amnesia; Daniel Pearl; Monster Joe Pass; "general intellectual calamity in the Islamic world"; Rand Simberg and Moira Breen, foxy bloggers; scorpion and frog parable; a suggestion for where Henry Seigman might move; Robbins' Part IV; MEMRI, not ready for primetime; Saudi "humanitarian" agency in Bosnia up to no good.

Libertarian Samizdata Pinko Linse barricaded in Samizdata HQ; amazing mouthwash.

Steven Den Beste Loonie Ninth Circuit; college tuition rising 2x inflation rate; lethality mechanisms correction; the barrier that defends us all; Microsoft, Sun, and Java.

Jeff Jarvis ISP attacked, blog withdrawal unbearable. He's back today.

Kathy Kinsley "Humans are not animals" breaks paradigm, leads to meta-context search.

Kevin Holtsberry Biblical interpretation; "fiscal conservative" sham.

Fritz Schranck Bizarre email.

Andrew Olmsted Don't impeach Swift, vote against her; unfinished business: hunt down Pearl's killers; Federal budget validates Nader; leave cloning to scientists; site attacked, back-up announced.

Gentlemen do not read each other's Blog Watch.
Thursday, February 21, 2002
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Cyanide, meta-context, vouchers.

Joanne Jacobs: Half a million blogs?; hackery on Vermont teens; Dahlia predicts 5-4 squeaker on vouchers;bilingual gains; faux Indians fail; mentioning theology in war; Susie Suburban's strategy; "Jobs for Dads" dream, Kaus facts.

Joshua Micah Marshall Big project has hampered posting, arrives tomorrow; Clinton documents get expedited, Bush's take slow boat.

Charles Johnson. Cyanide story revised; Israel's suicide apparent goal of Euroweenies and UN.

Libertarian Samizdata Home defender on wrong side of law; John Glenn's famous day; the meta-context for statists; Will Wilkinson returns.

Steven Den Beste Prisoner's Dilemma for Game Theory Week; potassium ferracyanide, not cyanide--stupid terrorists; finally, FTC nails cell phone fraud; UNESCO don't know "network effect"; Gitmo Brits and Aussie file suit.

Dawson He gave it up for love.

Kathy Kinsley Ignoring the Olympics, but cheering the Aussies; taxing illegal businesses in the UK; or

Kevin Holtsberry A Clockwork Blog Watch; Disagreeing with Louder Fenn on evolutionism; essay on Frank Meyer--the conservative/libertarian blend; Club for Growth plugged shamelessly; loving Perry's meta-context; conservative sex spin continues, by popular demand; full disclosure: connected to vouchers.

Fritz Schranck Straight talk on web hosting.

Andrew Olmsted Take no malfeasance money by Ben Stein; evocative Amtrak plea; Schlesinger on ABM silence; shame of low grades a motivator; Bush's lack of principle; voucher case outlook.

You shall not press down upon the brow of Blog Watch I this crown of thorns. You shall not crucify Blog Watch III upon a cross of gold.
Wednesday, February 20, 2002
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Lewis and Clark; various pundits, blogspot collapse.

Joanne Jacobs: Bottom of sled too political; waiting on a check; GI Joe College.

Joshua Micah Marshall Snare obsession continues.

Charles Johnson. Arafat's ghost writer; blogspot apocolypse; Ken Layne directs traffic; butt-covering mode for coming investigation; Fatah bragging; methodical al Qaeda; Layne appears, links; seriously smart sanctions; lax security at biodefense lab; abandon blogspot!

Libertarian Samizdata On Wilkinson; on "cranky yanqui"; on space travel; on Sandra, #100,000; on bug-eyed rage; on blogging--corporate blogging solutions?; on Metric Martyrs.

Steven Den Beste Disinterested judges needed; game theory's "tit for tat"; SOS for Linux help; Update: conspiracy theory destroyed by ugly fact.

Robert Musil Man without qualities explained; Clinton explains; Dilbert explains.

Jeff Jarvis I'm a muse; Muslims join Jarvis; slap a pacifist.

Kathy Kinsley Uber virus; Ten Baht experiments in Kathy's lab.

Kevin Holtsberry Hokiepundit; hilarious, offensive Derbyshire; Vodka Pundit's lovely fiancee, no threat to Mrs. Holtsberry's self-esteem; Daze Reader, hot links for this anti-porn crusader; youth should not be served; kind words for memory like a steel trap Punditwatch.

Fritz Schranck Homework flashback; blasting Berke and I'm not alone; curling update.

Andrew Olmsted Applebaum on Powell; deaths tied to CAFE standards; nitwits harass war protestors; diggin up an old explorer; stat trap.

SGT Stryker Takes leave--back next week.

Tar-baby ain't sayin' nuthin', en Blog Watch, he lay low.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: ***Pick: Fritz Schranck, Security Law.

Joanne Jacobs: "Tongue-tied" on; a European defender of the war; pressure to be pressured; compassion and comfort.

Joshua Micah Marshall Follow-up: Snare's letter; muck to fuel reform.

Charles Johnson. Overthrowing Saddam in 5 parts; MS patch doesn't work; Punditwatch on kudo'd [thanks! --ed]; Ira Stoll fact checks smoke blown up Friedman's ass by Saudi; AK-47 training after prayers at London mosque; Musharraf saying all the right things; sue the Saudis.

Jeff Jarvis Accommodating Instapundit tourists; fear of flying cancels Disney World trip.

Libertarian Samizdata Staggering implications; freedom causes problems?; 100,000 barrier in sight, need a screen print; sports and porn, the parallels; coming to terms with Rubush.

Steven Den Beste Quid pro quo, fait accompli?; Europe's recommendations? No, thanks; Nav 4 problems; troubled by "terrorists" and "terrorism" words; responding to readers.

Robert Musil Business world, a bunch of crooks?; "simple mistake"--who leaked?; reflections on President's Day, MLK Day.

Kathy Kinsley Move your blogs; woman of abundance demands beefcake--the bigger the guns, the better.

Kevin Holtsberry Ten Commandments parody; Holtsberry on sex, again; Nordlinger's comparison.

Fritz Schranck ***The four pillars of security law and how they work.

Andrew Olmsted Dodge's overblown ire; empty threat if fam bill isn't vetoed; Rauch on Krugman; was Bin Laden right?

SGT Stryker Refrigerated beverages call Sarge; is religion dead?; Sarge notices new guy at [thanks! --ed]; the Jesus v. Pope methods of exorcism.

Sic Semper Tyrannis! Blog Watch is avenged! (Thus always to this Blogwatch, too ...)

Monday, February 18, 2002
PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Damian Penny: Sue the Sauds; Canadians haven't won hockey gold in 50 years - buncha hosers; Student protests in Korea - big news?

Duncan Fitzgerald: Pop at the movies ain't as good as at the concerts

protein wisdom: Casting out demons in Europe; Undergrads sans undergarments

Charles Kuffner: A drag show on the Midnight Train to Georgia

Jack O'Toole: "Enron Effect" on presidential election cycle; Welcome to the blogspot
Oh the Earth was made for bloggers
, for damsel, and hopeless swain,
For blogging, and gentle whispering, and unity made of twain.

AM Edition
Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Matt Welch, Bra Wars.

Joanne Jacobs: Blogger burqa for bloggerinas; schools know change, don't know improve; "gnot going to gwin."

Joshua Micah Marshall: Condit's campaign dollars at work.

Charles Johnson. Welch's even-handed search for truth; Fatwah on Blogspot may be issued; camel love; rebellious Saudis buy roses and teddy bears; read Dave Barry; Monty Pythonesque Carr; doubting Crown Prince Abdullah.

Jeff Jarvis Father Mychal's simple prayer; stories, with nerves still raw.

Libertarian Samizdata Rubush replies, missed Life of Brian; Catriona LeMay, libertarian pin-up [isn't Natalija enough?--ed]; Chaos Girl credits Blog Watch II for Bra Wars; Blogger Bash deadline looms; B-17s grounded; Natalija's faith restored by Matt Welch, four stars.

Steven Den Beste Quintessential American sport: drag racing; throw this suit out.

Dawson Gone, but not forgotten. We know you are following destiny.

Kathy Kinsley Kolkata Libertarian's great essay; Matt Welch's great read; sick puppy greed; scooping major networks.

Kevin Holtsberry Disagreeing with Tony Adragna re: condoms; Joe Sobran, anti-Semitic crank; Byron's take; I'm not too Kirkian; why I'm not a libertarian; Blog Watch III returns at last.

SGT Stryker Mayberry justice; flying bombs; lasers; big mail bag.

Robert Musil Enron case, thin evidence makes for tough legal fight; "follow the money" a joke on voters; French expats.

Persons attempting to find a motive in this Blog Watch will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.

Sunday, February 17, 2002
PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Brian Linse: How ugly can we get?

Damian Penny: Mousy dung droppings in Nepal; American invasion has begun - Homer takes Toronto; Canadian Cultural Protectionism - oh wait, it's really about money...

Dr. Frank: Taking apart the tri-partite - Bush wasn't bodging; Guardian vigil

Moira Breen: I want apologies from alota people

Tim Blair: Mail on Margo; Oh No at the Olympics; Patten pontifficates

Duncan Fitzgerald: If you've got "records", then the Dido Demographic ain't you

Alex Knapp: Opacity - it's all those government regs; Counter Ituiting Accountability

protein wisdom: [Im]moderate Moyers; Farrakhan's Fallacy

Ginger Stampley: Enron Encore; Lawn Nazi's using legal technicalities to take private property

Charles Kuffner: I thought that was his sporran; Traditions and Tensions at Agricultural and Mechanical
If old man Wagner was bloggin' I'd a been in charge of New York now! That man was prince, he was a masterful man. But that boy of his, that Howard, he don't blog. When I went north the first time, the Wagner Company didn't know where New England was!

AM Edition
Will Vehrs
Who's hot: Natalija, mysterious Hungarian boy. Who's not: Natalija's significant other. ****Pick: Natalija's tattoo. ***Pick: David Carr on technology.

Joanne Jacobs: Carr's great rant; dumb crook asks for DNA tst; complications on bi-lingual education; report from Oxford.

Joshua Micah Marshall: Gephardt and hopeless liberal suckers; White whitewash.

Charles Johnson. Fisk's screed and scare quotes; terror as obscene joy; Steyn's parody; sick pizzeria bombing; Farnsworth's PBS report; Egyptian hate machine.

Jeff Jarvis Independent analysts the answer; Bush can't veto campaign finance reform; no connections between riots; finalizing plans.

Libertarian Samizdata Flying bombs; play date; Blue Button; ***what has technology ever done for us?; screed against skating; party report, ****party pic; Oscar nominations rob "Memento," if I remember right.

Steven Den Beste Tired of European smugness and condescension; the Guardian again; second class Europe; silly source code request; more on war; delicious words [I like "trenchant"--ed].

John McGuiness Mentions Blog Watch, gets points.

Kathy Kinsley Bellicose woman's war strategy in Iraq; Bush in danger of losing this opinion leader's respect; I link, you decide.

Fritz Schranck Short track skating=NASCAR.

Kevin Holtsberry Blog Watch promises, promises [it's a jungle--ed]; sees "Mulholland Drive." [my favorite movie of 2001--ed]

SGT Stryker Old joke; political predictions; earth pic; Rantburg wins; bosom of blogdom; Australian killed by land mine.

Robert Musil What $50K will--and won't--do.

It's her party and I'll Blog Watch if I want to
Blog Watch if I want to
You'd Blog Watch Too
For a look at that tattoo ....