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Saturday, February 16, 2002
PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Brian Linse: Layne cuts off the fringe

Damian Penny: Americans upset at theft of neighbors; readers on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Dr. Frank: Sullivan raves on Powell; Layne rants on Chomsky

Moira Breen: Texas Take-away

Tim Blair: The Great Gold Rush of '02; live musicians get punted from the club

Duncan Fitzgerald: Peeping into Windows; Cop show concept creator needs own channel

Alex Knapp: Media Whore reveal The Heretic's boot licking fetish;

Charles Kuffner: The Ivy League ain't all there is - get over it...
Okay, let's get to the blogs. Number one: let's take the old man who lived on the second floor right underneath the room where the murder took place. At ten minutes after twelve on the night of the killing he blogged loud noises in the upstairs apartment.

AM Edition
Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Music test for the ages. What's not: Lack of reporting on Natalija's party. ***Pick: War in Iraq, 5 Parts Stephen Den Beste.

Joanne Jacobs: Professor's defenders' monstrous disconnect; European underachievers and their reflexive indignation; pioneers, roots.

Joshua Micah Marshall: Cease and desist, Texas GOP demands of parody site; no dash in new address--easier sound byte; book list added; Churchill's 1930 book.

Charles Johnson. Pathetic "John Adams" writes for Arab News; welcome, new links; Hanson's parallel universe; PLO broke, but still can charter Karine A; terrorism primer a must to prevent misunderstanding; lawyers: ready, aim, I object!

Jeff Jarvis Almost a whinefest re: Sullivan; sex and violence on HBO; the Olympics: it's about money; facelifts and Olympian jowls.

Libertarian Samizdata Clarifying misunderstandings; Vikings don't want decibel laws; ROAR; Perry: colleague too "genteel" on Patten; Perry reams Patten; in praise of renting.

Steven Den Beste Five judges voted for the Russian skaters; only one suspended; ***five part war analsis; other armchair warriors weigh in, too.

Robert Musil Execute Enron execs now; try them later; complexities of Sherron Watkins.

John McGuinness Dance question; challenging Wright--again; Dems' intolerance of abortion restriction proposals; News Site Watch.

Fritz Schranck Out of Touch Bunch Music Test gives oldsters a chance after Dido Demographic.

Kevin Holtsberry Kevin apparently not a Ravens fan; joys of home ownership; The Nation? Thoughtful liberalism?; back to creationism; site, host, ready for Midwest Blog Convention.

SGT Stryker Lessons for future bombing of Iraq; Israeli history with UAVs.

Andrew Olmsted Sprawl.

Happy Blog Watchers are all alike; every unhappy Blog Watcher is unhappy in its own way.

Friday, February 15, 2002
AM Edition
Will Vehrs

What’s hot: Belfast, ASIMO. What's not: Pot ship.

Joanne Jacobs: Denzel's vigilante medicine movie, are copycats crimes coming?; was it anti-semitic?; employer blamed for unreported groping.

Charles Johnson. Now the Saudis have really gone and done it--banned Valentine's Day!

Libertarian Samizdata Patten's daft; Special Belfast Edition: Dale's Big Night Out; EU rock bands breaking decibel law; the case for merceneries; the case against Keynes; the case for D'Souza and Red Herring; the case for a party at Natalija's.

Steven Den Beste ASIMO an engineering triumph; answering Fred on Arafat; what ifs; dismay or deplored? UN war of words; Europe gropes at elephant; Iran's military capabilities, strategic considerations; not at war with Islam, but Islam is the root cause.

Dawson Wet and wild, at last ....

Kathy Kinsley Kids today; Sullivan at his best; Perry, you're a cad. Post more pics, ok?

Kevin Holtsberry "The Darb" is King.

Fritz Schranck Campaign finance reform a scam, read about golf instead.

Andrew Olmsted Which coast goes?

SGT Stryker Tanzania trial more important than Hague; "invincibility is fleeting"; 5 down, 12 to go; peace protest a natural target; PLO is broke; "Primo Shit" ship is sunk; AF Sergeant charged with spying, "hang him with safety wire."

Got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack
I went out to Blog Watch and I never went back
Like a river that don't know where it's flowin'
I found a good blog and I just kept goin'
Everybody's got a hungry heart ....

Thursday, February 14, 2002
PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Brian Linse: Taking a look at UnaBlogger's maniffesto

Andrew Hofer: MTZ takes advantage; Pixel Porn

Damian Penny: Divorce lawyer can't get a date on Valentine's Day - Ha Ha!; 9/11 conspiracy theories on autopilot; Gold Canada

Dr. Frank: That '60s Show; those Saintly Saudis

Moira Breen: Hallmark Hollidays - Hate 'em; Vedrine & verebiage; the state of controlling the climate

Tim Blair: I'd cut off Margot's offending part, 'cept they're all offensive

Duncan Fitzgerald: A sports fan says "Happy Valnetine's Day" to his sports fan wife; Madden is da Man; PBA goes WWF

protein wisdom: Piscatorial pee-yew; Head in the Head; The House ain't playin' with a full deck
Well, I'll be damned, here comes your blog, again
But that's not unusual, it's just that the moon is full
And you happened to blog

AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Friedman, Olympic judging. [although nothing looks hot to BW on 2 hrs sleep—ed].

Joanne Jacobs: High-tech parents opt for zero computer school.

Joshua Micah Marshall Dirty hands all around; Fineman, Prince of Puffery.

Charles Johnson. Did Arafat pull heat?; professor professes truth on Iraq; translation of Saudi "no clash of civilizations speech"; Prozac for dictators.

Jeff Jarvis The "guy decade," laced with testosterone; no crack, no peeing, no Jack Nicholson imitations of Johnny Carson; Friedman's super; naked reporter offends Mormonville; Ted back tracks; say what, Laura?

Libertarian Samizdata Another dazzling chart demonstrating global reach; who is this mystery woman?; LAT disgraces itself; Gerhard, my Valentine; fox hunting banned in Scotland--immoral statism, natch; Sabina defends Falun Gong, blast Chinese repression; new level of anti-semitism, this time from Egypt; demolishing Patten.

Steven Den Beste Advocating a skating "re-do"; campaign finance reform a snarled mess; judge Arafat on actions, not words; Olympic judging standards; convincing Iraq argument, ha ha.

Dawson One beautiful reason to not bother posting ....

Kathy Kinsley Is the end of the porn wars in sight?

Kevin Holtsberry Byron on Lincoln; African-American LT Gov in Ohio guaranteed; gubernatorial candidate gets caught in "breast fest"; states addicted to gambling money; doosy of an editorial.

Fritz Schranck Breaking news from Loudoun County, VA--special prosecutor named.

Andrew Olmsted Friedman channels Hofer; new global warming theory; Ted Turner wants to move in with you, too.

SGT Stryker Iraq no cakewalk, Mr. Adelman; Mail bag: good beer, Tony Adragna's MOH moment; telemarketers and curlers.

To her own heart, which was shaped exactly like a valentine, there came a winglike palpitation, a delicate exigency, and all the fragrance of all the flowery springtime love affairs that ever were seemed waiting for them in ... Blog Watch I and Blog Watch III.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs

What’s hot: Porn war siege, curling, Islam for kidz.

Joanne Jacobs: Two Joanne Jacobses, but only this one's in Samizdata; "Historical empathy" for Islam.

Joshua Micah Marshall Liberal activisits in on Enron partnerships, oh my ....

Charles Johnson. No grannies among terrorist alert pics; Yasser unglued?; textbook promotes Islam; "Islamo-fascist nutjob" promotes Kalashnikov; ending is a wimp-out.

Jeff Jarvis Aerial view; worry in the city; Ted Turner's yap; bridge idea.

Libertarian Samizdata Porno word play; porn, guns, and Vivaldi; another rant on EU Internet VAT; Nazi pasta; Adragna welcomed to the battlefield, applauded; shared soverignty in Gibralter; Shays-Meehan targets libertarians; Lehrer's smut poem; Dale and Natalija--more porn support.

Steven Den Beste More on the future of music; how to tell when an activist becomes irrelevant; just say "no" to immunity; Arafat's irrelevance proved.

Kathy Kinsley Porn wars update; sex and food comparison works; facts on porn requested.

Kevin Holtsberry Pause from porn to contemplate Lincoln-bashing; Keynes' biographer on liberalism; TNR all-purpose blame game game; porn wars round-up; why I'm a conservative; why I'm blog of the week.

Fritz Schranck Ode to curling--stop the low blows, Glenn!; the law of continuous dealing explains opposition to term limits [but will LCD help pass the "Fritz Tax?"--ed]

Andrew Olmsted Nice new look; parents reclaim history.

SGT Stryker Mail call; curling gives hope; AF Times round-up, tough tech test; thoughts on Afghan beating allegations; "ejumacated"; NYT selects the protests it covers/hypes.

I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny. And I say Blog Watch III now! Blog Watch II tomorrow! Blog Watch I forever!

PM Edition
Tony Adragna
Brian Linse: General Gun-Control

Andrew Hofer: Thr Hypocrite Corzine; Japans problem - not enough risk

Damian Penny: Brian Tobin's colouring book; Auntie Anti goes to war; Media Manipulation

Dr. Frank: If you can find out, please let me know

Moira Breen: I'm sure Moira's got something good, too

Tim Blair: I know Tim's hot some good stuff

Duncan Fitzgerald: KRONyism, cronyism, and chicken-on-a-stick

Alex Knapp: not such a heretic - findout for yourself

protein wisdom: Aya told 'ya; the Palestinian Pilger meets Olver Stone

Ginger Stampley: Taking an interest in foreign students - they have in interst in US
I could be well moved, if I were as you:
If I could pray to move, prayers would move me:
But I am constant as the northern blog,
Of whose true-fix'd and resting quality
There is no blogger in the firmament

Tuesday, February 12, 2002
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs

What’s hot: Strange porn alignments; British Blogger Bash.

Joanne Jacobs: Bloggers' Bash in Merry Olde England--wait for me, I'll buy a pint; civilian death toll lowered; upper-crusty cultural elite judge Bush; new teachers--how long will they stay?

Joshua Micah Marshall: Skilling's '97 appearance belies his testimony.

Charles Johnson. Warning!; al Qaida admission; Jailbreak!; UN a "terrorist-appeasing, dictator-coddling joke."

Jeff Jarvis Readers and Doonesbury comment on flag pins; God bless those selfless police officers.

Libertarian Samizdata Music muscle; Channel 5 [don't you blokes have cable?--ed]; "another statist clod"; helping terrorists meet their maker; Bloggers from Blighty Bash; Johnny Student causing trouble again, this time in Civil War discussion during Black History Month.

Steven Den Beste 20 years for a potty call; casualty figures; dollar si, peso, no.

Dawson Where is that romantic devil?

Kathy Kinsley Porn chicks v. Anti-porn guys; 5 month anniversary of 9/11.

Fritz Schranck We need Federal standards for this shit.

Kevin Holtsberry Blog Board convened, raises Kevin's pay; Black Toledo Republican sounds off; social justice in Cincy; Plain Dealer surprises on school choice; Big Game payola for Ohio schools; Adragna answer anticipated.

SGT Stryker Letters; hypocrisy on the right; liberal strategy tripod; proud to display the flag; suing the bastards.

Andrew Olmsted New address; Ken Lay and the Fifth.

Blog Blog-watchin' on Heaven's door,
Blog Blog-watchin' on Heaven's door ....

BLOG WATCH II: Your guide to who is saying what, where
PM Edition - by Tony Adragna
Andrew Hofer: The advantage of being More Than Zero; doting on Rubin

Damian Penny: Killer veggies debunked; Canadian pols are so boring; a trial lawyers non-ideological POV

Dr. Frank: Powerless Euro-Crats

Moira Breen: Phantom Link Menace

Tim Blair: The Left-Wing Cabal is found out; Royal Revisionism

Duncan Fitzgerald: Buried Indian Assests

Alex Knapp: Giving activists the third-degree; Reviewing Robert

protein wisdom: Wash up before changing pets; Rip Van America; ArabNews Editorial Cartoon Watch

Daniel Taylor Hittin' on Britney - I'm not doin' it

Ginger Stampley: Consroting with folks from Bal'more; V'day advice to the gents; a tast of Texas; I said wildcat not polecat

He that outlives this day, and blogs safe home,
Will stand a tip-toe when this day is named,
And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil blog his neighbours,
And say `To-morrow is Saint Crispian:'

Monday, February 11, 2002
Your guide to who is saying what, where
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs

What’s hot: Muslimpundit.

Joanne Jacobs: Milosevic amenities shame X-Ray; back to the bad old days of bi-lingual; Moira Breen explains; techies turn away from teaching.

Joshua Micah Marshall: Crediting QP scoop to somebody else.

Charles Johnson. Five found; disillusioned with NPR; lgf shows all!; clarifying Camp David; Crown Prince goes bananas; Muslimpundit back with blockbuster; trash talk, real action.

Jeff Jarvis The meaning of "I love you"; Muslimpundit's remarkable post; inappropriate Olympic view [probably widely shared--ed]

Libertarian Samizdata Matt Welch, make us your home page; arming women against rape; Natalija on sexual frisson as the emails roll in; Polish Peasant Party; Quick wonders; Lagwolf was just making fun; cat haiku; dazzling chart of global reach; Zem:blog recommended.

Steven Den Beste Israel's larger game; music industry needs new model--50 million are breaking the law; Schroeder's mistake; North Korean conundrum.

Kathy Kinsley Multiculturalism again; Muslimpundit trades stick for razor sharp scapel.

Fritz Schranck Reading the fine print.

SGT Stryker Tell me what you think; the ass before the cart.

I've lived a life that's full, I travelled each and ev'ry highway
And more, much more than this, I blog-watched my way.
Sunday, February 10, 2002
BLOG WATCH II: Your guide to who is saying what, where
PM Edition - by Tony Adragna
Brian Linse: Saying something Quickly; examining the left-wing

Damian Penny: Para-Pundit Parody; blame the French - it really is their fault; He's back...

Dr. Frank: Stayed tuned for "The Bloggage"; we don't need the Jews to tell us why to be pissed off at Arabs; Westerby reports

Moira Breen: A funny marriage story

Tim Blair: Patten v. Patton - no contest; Pilger takes his show on the road

Duncan Fitzgerald: The Sport Wonk's coverage of Olyimic opening controversy

Alex Knapp: The Best Years of Ayn Rand's Life

protein wisdom: A herd of elephants ain't nowhere near as scary as talking to a PETA mouthpiece; the French are so good at surrendering, now they're doing it for other people; Muhammad McAli

Daniel Taylor Dvorak's Discovery

I claim to be a simple individual liable to blog watch like any other fellow mortal. I own, however, that I have humility enough in me to confess my blog watching and to retrace my steps.

BLOG WATCH II: Your guide to who is saying what, where
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Porn, Patten, Pussycats. ***Pick: David Carr, Anti-Olympic Rant

Joanne Jacobs: Scraper caper; meaning of life; teacher just says "no" to diagramming; Friedman's first-rate column; Mark Twain nailed it.

Joshua Micah Marshall: TQC; PFBNB.

Charles Johnson. Hanson on Bush and axis of evil; Afghans want first crack at Muttawkil; a "freaky, misogynistic Islamo-fascist gabfest"; Patten's uni-whining.

Jeff Jarvis How long the flags?

Libertarian Samizdata ***Olympic rant; lions in love; EZRocket; John McGuiness and the power of linking; Windows XP: that giant sucking sound is your privacy going; theoretically speaking, break the law; Bono's "fragile veneer"; assholes barbequeing assholes; We The People Foundation's ad; Natalija attacks conservatives on porn.

Steven Den Beste Laughing at lions in love; Vedrine, avoiding pesky problems; unconventional warfare; Rummy studies; Patten and the death knell for NATO.

Dawson Off on vacation as rumors fly; shameless plug for all Blog Watchers.

Fritz Schranck Critical investigation of links impedes blogging.

Kevin Holtsberry Natlija gets link, but "conservative Kevin" gets none; rebutting the Croatian Siren on porn.

SGT Stryker Hello, VAT, Good-bye Internet.

Purple haze was in my brain
Lately Blog Watch don't seem the same.
Actin' funny, but I don't know why
'Scuse me while I kiss the sky.