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Saturday, February 09, 2002
BLOG WATCH II: Your guide to who is saying what, where
PM Edition - by Tony Adragna
Brian Linse: Goldberg good; Natalija wonderful

Andrew Hofer: Burying the lede - off to the in-laws

Damian Penny: Mallick gone mad; Canadians have a moral stake; Wilson scores a hat trick; Afghan forgiving

Allen S. Thorpe: Winter Olympic impressions

Charles Kuffner: "DeLay"ing Houston's Metro extension; Dad Kuffner speaks ex camera on crime and punishment

Tim Blair: Famous London fogginess affect down under journo; outta the Olympic closet comes the skeleton; the blog-plane's left-wing; mainstream media's anti-smoking bias shows in HRH's obit's

Duncan Fitzgerald: IT workers favour livelihood over loyalty

Alex Knapp: Taliban ain't "Taliban" anymore, but still Taliban; sinking the Ship of Peace; The Spectator is blind

protein wisdom: Bar-Johna's Dahmer Redux; European philosophy - if it is, then tax it; EEEEYEEEEWWWWW

Daniel Taylor What happened to the World's "Fair"ness?

Ginger Stampley: Royals have day jobs; La Raza in the race; an un-Holy can of soda

Nemo autem blogere potest nisi qui et blogi

BLOG WATCH II: Your guide to who is saying what, where
AM Edition - by Will Vehrs
What’s hot: Den Beste-Samizdata European Contributions discussion; ***Pick: Robert Musil, EU Pretensions.

Joanne Jacobs: New rules; yikes of March; Mullah Omar did it; grade inflation everywhere; whole language, phonics--what's the difference?

Joshua Micah Marshall: Enron testimony just confirms his earlier instincts; fawning review of TPM in WP.

Charles Johnson. Condi games; impressive readership revealed by poll; Zac's email.

Jeff Jarvis Rooting for a rat.

Libertarian Samizdata Another Nozick review; tasteless cartoon; Europe's contributions.

Steven Den Beste Senile Pope's strange Lenten message; European contributions; Olympics and World's Fair; gymnastics with jail bait; who wears the pants?

Dawson Touching tribute to the enchanting Claire; conversation with Coulter.

Kathy Kinsley Tombstone links; 6.5% of priests.

Fritz Schranck The way we were.

Kevin Holtsberry Public education issues; a porn brief; finally letting go of Pats' victory?

SGT Stryker Sarge checks out for long hours defending country; reasonable pacifism ok; exercisin' with NATO.

Robert Musil ***EU, unilateralists they criticize?; Rubin-esque.

How does it feel
To Blog Watch on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?
BLOG WATCH II: Your guide to who is saying what, where
PM Edition - by Tony Adragna
Brian Linse: Birthday wishes

Andrew Hofer: The InstaPundit is a good reference

Damian Penny: Athiests invoke the Devil; Jean accusses the opposition of supporting terrorists; Saudi minister's "not defending" defense og bin Laden

Dr. Frank: The Irrelevant British press; essays on Orwell

Moira Breen: The Fall of Singapore; many legged creatures

Tim Blair: Conan the Oppressor; Alcorn doesn't feel so gay; Mullah gets a Carribean vacation

Duncan Fitzgerald: Hollywood's fictional fiction; Barstow isn't a nice place; Enron linked to Dan Rather, and probably you too...

Alex Knapp: Finally something worth hearing; Latin-American Libertarians beat out Leftistas

protein wisdom: Olympian feats of Patriotism; getting a hummer in my SUV; somebody at US News & World Reports needs to dial information and get a clue; Pilger interviews Chomsky; the non-position changing position change

Ginger Stampley: Debunking Dick, again; Gas don't grow on trees

"Please, sir, I want some blog watching."
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"What!" said the master at length, in a faint voice.
"Please, sir," replied Oliver, "I want some blog watching."